GIF Everything Need To Know About GIF In Marketing

Animated GIF in Marketing is a important thing in brand advertising ! You would be hard pressed not to have seen GIFs on social media recently.

They have become all the rage and it seems like everyone is using them from professional athletes to your neighbour next door. Don’t worry if you are confused by them, we will talk you through what they are in this blog post and why you should consider using them in your next marketing campaign.

Animated GIF in Marketing: What are GIFs? GIF stands for graphics interchange format. In English, that means a file that supports animated and static images. Typically, GIFs are animated images, like the above example. Where it differs to a video is that it contains no sound.

GIF in Marketing: What are GIFs?

GIF in Marketing – what are GIFs & can they really help brands?!  Why would you use GIFs on social media for your business?

So what is the point of using an animated video that has no sound, we hear you ask? How can GIF marketing work, you may wonder? There are a number of reasons why people are choosing to use them in their social media and broader marketing activities.

‘The main advantage of GIFs marketing is that brands can instantly convey the intonation, emotion and meaning about the brand’

  1. They are easily viewed: The great thing about all visual content is that it is easily viewed. It often takes little or no effort to view visual content on social media. The great thing about GIFs is that they are even more easily viewed than videos. They can auto-play and, as a result, take little or no effort by the consumer to view it. Furthermore, consider how social media inundates the end user with lots of noise as other brands compete to get their audience’s attention. So, if you want to stand out, you need to make your content as easy to digest as possible.
  1. They add a human element: By using GIFs in your marketing it creates a human element to your brand that perhaps didn’t exist before. By and large, GIFs are humorous and will elicit a positive response from the viewer. GIF marketing campaigns show your fans and followers that your brand has a personality. You aren’t a corporate robot, but are a business that is human and wants to create positive experiences for their audience.
  1. They are great for storytelling: We are sure you have heard the buzzword “storytelling” in marketing, and how you must tell meaningful stories that resonate with your brand. Well, it’s true, great content marketing focuses around telling a story. This can be a challenge for today’s time-poor audience, so having a GIF or a visual aid quickly conveys meaning and emotion in a fraction of the time that words can.
  1. They’re different: We hate to break it to you, but sharing the same old posts over and over again is really boring. Adding in visual content such as GIFs to your social media marketing campaigns shows your fans that your page or timeline is fresh and full of good content that they should return to for more.
  1. Emotion and meaning in an instant: The major benefit of GIF marketing is that brands can instantly get across tone, emotion and meaning. We could write an entire blog on the psychology behind emotions and buying a product or a service. Successful marketers will always play towards people’s emotions – eliciting a response from them can mean the difference between a sale or not. Using GIFs in marketing will typically result in the end user feeling happy or amused. This immediate positive reinforcement by a brand helps establish a connection between the individual and a brand far quicker than a bunch of words.

How to use GIFs in your social media campaigns - AngryGIF

So we’ve convinced you that GIF marketing is highly effective, and you know want to use GIFs in your next social media campaign, right?! But how can you find them and apply them to your everyday activities? On the Internet there are a large number of tools for creating GIFs, need remember one, GIFs needs be very quality, only then use them on your social channels.

At first, it can be a little daunting. You are going to be inundated with thousands of potential GIFs. The trick to great storytelling and GIF marketing is being able to integrate them into your campaigns seamlessly. We have given you a head start in this post with a few examples some GIFs and for what purposes to using.

So, is GIF Marketing for you? These are just some examples, and it should show how easy it is to integrate GIFs into your social media. We would love to hear what you come up with, so please add your thoughts below. We hope this blog has been useful in helping you understand the power of GIFs for marketing. Good luck you in content marketing