How GIF Animation Helps Boost Sales

GIF Animation Explores New Territory for Sales – Email Messages, Social Media, and Demonstrates an Increase in Conversion.

GIF Animation Helps Boost Sales in Internet - Marketing AngryGIF

Return to popularity is GIF obliged social networks. It is much easier to Express their thoughts through concise and often funny GIF clips than to write a detailed review. Indeed, sometimes gifs look much more appropriate and user friendly words. However, the use of gifs is not limited to social networks. Now with the same success they explore new territory: email messages.

A letter with a surprise
Marketers looking for new ways to attract the attention of customers could not pass by and try animated pictures in email messages. It is known that when viewing the page the person first draws attention to illustrations, and moving before a static. In letters GIFs has found wide application. It can
– demonstrate a range of products or a unique feature;
– entertain subscribers.
– reinforce the main idea of the message or call to action.
Further examples we will see how skillfully used the GIF involves users in dialogue, evokes emotions, stimulates the activity – everything you need for a good communication.

Despite the popularity of the GIF-technology, email marketing, animation, new practice, and cases using is not enough. But the results are impressive.

Agency Style Campaign conducted A/B testing for clothing store Dressed Up
2. Example Animated GIF in Marketing

Shop designer clothing Bluefly added a bit of humor and animation in the text of the letter on the closed sale for the elite subscribers. The letter appeared the line “Shhhhh”, alluding to the confidentiality of information about discounts. Marketers have compared the results of this distribution with the previous and found that animated mystery helped to increase profits by 12%

Shop designer clothing Bluefly added a bit of humor and animation - AngryGIF

3. Example GIF in Marketing

Jewelry store Helzberg Diamonds used animation to personalize to present in a new light the familiar and to some extent bored to subscribers gold pendants. Marketers have come up with an original move: the name of the subscriber consists of swaying pendants with letters, illustrating the headline “we Have jewelry with your name on it”. In the end the newsletter with GIF helped to increase sales by 288% compared to other promotional mailings from the same collection.

Jewelry store GIF In Marketing - AngryGIF

4. GIF Animated for Sales Example

Dell used a GIF to demonstrate the unique properties of a new product — laptop, the design of which makes it easy to turn it into a tablet. Such devices are hybrids only come on the market and new buyers so a Dell it was important to show the process of transformation. Using GIF animation, the company was able to hold a 4-second presentation device. The result impressed with marketers: letter received 42% more clicks compared to the previous promotional mailings, and when calculating the financial results it became clear that the animation helped to raise revenue by 109%.

As can be seen from the examples, the creative use of GIF animation has a positive effect on the conversion, and it is an occasion to strengthen the position of gifs in the Arsenal of marketers. However, any bright technology, it is important to use a sense of proportion and caution.

Five rules of using gifs in emails
1. The main rule – the animation should help, not hurt. There is always a risk to violate the fine line between attracting attention and irritation. Remember those old sites with flashing buttons, headers and even text — let your letters never look. Act delicate: one or two small effects is enough.

2. The animation should be a Supplement, not the sole focus of the letter. If it attracts the reader’s attention to the fact the deal may not be reached.

3. Keep in mind that the letter is spent on average 15-20 seconds, so it should be short and concise. GIF will help to tell the complex story, but don’t overload the letter with these stories. Let sifco transmits or emphasizes only one point.

4. Animation should not blink too often or, on the contrary, to force to wait for the next frame.

5. Remember that if animation is not loaded, will only show the first frame. It should be informative to him the letter looked perfectly reflect the essence of the proposal. Pros animations, good use is obvious. But there are threats too.

Forewarned is forearmed

The tendency to read email from tablets and smartphones is forcing marketers to monitor the size of the letter. If the letter will be too heavy, the mobile device can not display it fully, and instead of the letter appears the “Download” button, and this will inevitably affect the conversion.

To these difficulties did not arise, a letter is recommended to limit the size to 150 KB. It’s not easy to do because you have to limit the design elements, and above all, a file with the animation.

The size of the resulting GIF file depends on the number of colors, frames and animated elements. And here’s an example: if the picture of the cat blinks, but otherwise fixed, the file size will be small due to the small animated areas. If you take three different pictures and using their rotation to make a dancing cat, we get a heavy file.

Tips Sendsay:

Try to keep the size of GIF within 20 KB. If the file get more, try the following:

– to reduce the number of colors;

– remove a few frames;

– decrease the area of animation.

Also keep in mind that the later version of the common mail client Microsoft Office Outlook (since 2007) and Windows Mobile 7 do not support animation in letters, displaying the first frame of the GIF as a static image.

Use animation with caution and always test the email before sending, including on mobile devices.

Synergy technologies

In email marketing there is another technology that demonstrates high conversion rates.

This triggers the email messages are created and sent automatically in response to a specific customer action: clicking on the link, purchase, pending purchase, etc.

Trigger letters always get high response because they are personalized and sent already involved users. Open them and click twice as often than a mass mailing.

We propose to combine a. GIF animation with a trigger and get not just a stunning click-rate, but also to develop brand loyalty.

For example, a triggered welcome series is the first after the subscription of the letter is a great material for GIF-animations.

Through her company will be able to make a good first impression, stand out from the series of other, and to be remembered to his followers.

Congratulations with your birthday or public holidays made a. GIFs, too, will impress customers. Furthermore, gifs are perfectly cope with the task of returning clients, making suggestions to visit the site after a long break, lively, interesting and very tempting.

Even in the “Forgotten basket” there is a reason to use a GIF.
If the client is not moved to pay the item because hesitates, sifco will show from all angles the forgotten item and doubt. Trigger writing is always a personal appeal to the subscriber, and if you add to this letter emotionality GIF animation, it will increase sympathy for your brand. GIF animation in emails can really strengthen a call to action, but only if used sparingly. Flashing the buttons and the words “buy now” are more likely to deter than attract buyers. The decisive factor is the originality of your idea – is itself an animation out of context will not bring you clicks and reposts. Try if it works this technique in your business. Use A\b testing, out of presented in the paper examples to test the effectiveness of this experiment. Maybe your results will surpass them.